Both times my son has been to America I have tasted an infinite amount … and not just for breakfast. Wholemeal, salty, with maple syrup, caramel, ice cream, fruit, melted chocolate, spices, vegetables, bechamel: I could really make a long list and go on from here all eternity because with their imagination it is never enough. Very easy to prepare, ready in a matter of minutes, and able to fall in love with anyone: here’s how to prepare American pancakes!

After numerous searches on American sites and several tests of softness (fundamental characteristic) they arrived and integrated into my recipe, which you find below. In the United States pancakes are eaten everywhere but are a mainstay of breakfasts and brunches. Now that even in Italy these late breakfasts that replace lunch are very fashionable, I recommend you try it and, of course, to drown them in maple syrup or, if you really have to take a break from tradition, in a chocolate ganache.

PREPARATION: 30 min. COOKING: 30 min. DIFFICULTY “: low COST: cheap
flour 00 150 g
medium eggs 2 (at room temperature)
butter 30 g + 10 g for the pan
milk 200 g
chemical yeast powder 6 g
caster sugar 20 g
salt 1 pinch

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