Many people, regarding recipes that include frying, I wonder how to replace frying with the oven. In this article, I will answer the question, but it is good to make some premises!


Frying is cooked by immersion in oil brought to a certain temperature. You can use the various types of oil but, for frying, in general we prefer that of peanuts because it has a higher smoke point … therefore it burns more difficult if the temperature is wrong. In my tutorial on how to get a perfect potato chip, I’m talking about the topic extensively!

Cooking in the oven can be done dry or not, or by seasoning a second recipe more or less abundantly. It is completely different cooking, as specified by the heat and not by another element: the oil, in case of frying.

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Both times my son has been to America I have tasted an infinite amount … and not just for breakfast. Wholemeal, salty, with maple syrup, caramel, ice cream, fruit, melted chocolate, spices, vegetables, bechamel: I could really make a long list and go on from here all eternity because with their imagination it is never enough. Very easy to prepare, ready in a matter of minutes, and able to fall in love with anyone: here’s how to prepare American pancakes!

After numerous searches on American sites and several tests of softness (fundamental characteristic) they arrived and integrated into my recipe, which you find below. In the United States pancakes are eaten everywhere but are a mainstay of breakfasts and brunches. Now that even in Italy these late breakfasts that replace lunch are very fashionable, I recommend you try it and, of course, to drown them in maple syrup or, if you really have to take a break from tradition, in a chocolate ganache.

PREPARATION: 30 min. COOKING: 30 min. DIFFICULTY “: low COST: cheap
flour 00 150 g
medium eggs 2 (at room temperature)
butter 30 g + 10 g for the pan
milk 200 g
chemical yeast powder 6 g
caster sugar 20 g
salt 1 pinch

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Tools That Will Make Cooking Process Easy and Enjoyable

There is no arguing that cooking is an interesting process when a person can express creativity and imagination. Nevertheless, there are certain aspects of cooking connected with technical tasks that are not so exciting. Luckily, nowadays there are hundreds of devices and tools that will make cooking quicker and easier. 

1.  Blender

As we all know, before starting with the creative part of cooking, there are a lot of preparations. A person needs to chop up the vegetables or mix the ingredients. That can not only be boring but also time-consuming. Fortunately, the blender is here to save the day. It is a versatile tool that can be used to chop up the carrot or mash the potatoes. Moreover, blenders are perfect to make smoothies and different drinks that are so popular today. 

2.  Electric Grill

Another device that will be very useful in the kitchen is an electric grill. If you live in a flat and there is no chance to use a real barbeque set, an electric grill is a perfect option. It will make the cooking process of different kinds of food a dream. It can be used to cook meat, fish, and vegetables. Besides, it gives a person more mobility and freedom: there is no need to stand near the pan and control everything. Modern grills have times that will notify you when the dish is ready. Another advantage is time: cooking using grill will save a lot of time as a product will be fried from two sides simultaneously. 

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