Meat utensils

Just as it is impossible to cook a perfect soft-boiled egg without a timer, you also need indispensable tools to prepare the meat that will make your recipes perfect. Dozens of meat utensils exist, but we will start with those that are really necessary for the kitchen and that will make even the most complex preparation more agile.

Among the meat utensils there are kitchen accessories that are also used for other preparations:

cutting boards: they are very important for cutting both cooked and before cooking meat. Choose plastic or silicone cutting boards that can also go to the dishwasher after use. If you prefer wooden cutting boards, remember to clean them carefully following all these indications;

pots: you don’t need many pieces but a good battery of pots must include pans, pans, and trays of various sizes. Prefer non-stick cookware in order to minimize the risk of burning the meat;

oven: obviously this is not a tool but an appliance, it is, however, indispensable for cooking roasts and more;

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barbecue: if you are a meat lover you will need a barbecue for the barbecue with matching tongs, gloves and forks.

Meat utensils: kitchen thermometer

It may seem like a tool suitable only for great chefs, but this is not the case! The kitchen thermometer is indispensable for cooking meat at the most suitable temperatures and for establishing the right degree of cooking according to your tastes.

Meat utensils: microwave

As everyone knows, the microwave is an appliance and not a utensil, but its presence in the kitchen is still very useful when it comes to cooking meat. The microwave will not only serve you for quick cooking but will also be of great help in defrosting meat even at the last moment.

Meat utensils: meat tenderizer

This is a tool that never failed in the grandmother’s Formica table drawers. Today there is design meat pounder and their use continues to be necessary in the kitchen. Use the meat tenderizer to tenderize steaks and cuts of pulp, in this way the meat will be much more tender.

Meat utensils: needle, thread and twine

No you won’t have to embroider, but these tools are invaluable for tying roasts, meatloaves, and pockets to be stuffed.

Meat utensils: kitchen brush

If you think that the kitchen brush is only useful for preparing desserts or for brushing the surface of the puff pastry before cooking, you are wrong. The kitchen brush is useful for glazing meat and to make it more succulent with its own marinade when cooking in the oven or on the grill.

Meat utensils: marinade syringe

With traditional marinating, the meat is placed in a container with various spices and aromatic herbs to flavor and soften. Thanks to the marinade syringe, the marinade can also be inserted at the heart of your cut of meat. The result? More flavor for even more tender meat.

Meat utensils: knives

For meat knives it is necessary to open a dedicated chapter. The knives in the kitchen are fundamental for the success of the recipes not only for the cut. Here is a small practical guide to the knives needed when talking about meat:

boning knife: useful for boning chicken, spare ribs and for obtaining pulp;

carving knife: indispensable for slicing and mincing;

poultry shears: are you crazy about baked chicken? Here is a perfect tool to portion it without spoiling its meat;

carving fork: it is part of the indispensable blades for cooking meat even if it is not a real knife. The fork is not used to turn the meat during cooking but to facilitate the cutting of roasts and braised meats before serving;

sharpener: it is very useful to make all the blades perfect, a knife that does not cut is much more dangerous than a very sharp knife!

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