Blender, the 3 best models for smoothies full of health

We recommend having a margarita machine, but still, this article is about describing some of the best blenders. Enjoy…

If you are looking for a kitchen blender then this article is the one for you: here are the 3 best models on sale

The blender allows you to prepare delicious and healthy smoothies, fruit or vegetables, in no time. And since it is a small appliance it can easily find space in the kitchen.

How many times have you wanted to prepare a fruit drink or a cocktail, but not having this object, were you forced to go out on the street looking for a bar? With the arrival of summer, having a mincer can be very comfortable. In addition, a blender is also useful for preparing tasty dishes in the kitchen such as soups, soups, hummus and various sauces, but also for chopping dried fruit to be used as a basic ingredient for a dessert: just insert the blender into the blender bowl desired ingredients and in a few moments everything will be ready to be tasted … or cooked!

Here are the 3 best models recommended by us to prepare and enjoy smoothies – but not only – full of health whenever you want.

Philips HR3556 / 00 Viva Collection Blender with ProBlend 6, Pulse Technology and Integrated Water Bottle

The Amazon’s Choice in the category is this splendid Philips blender: prepare healthier smoothies immediately (even when you are on the move thanks to the outdoor bottle included in the offer). The Philips blender with ProBlend 6 technology blends fruit, vegetables, legumes and even ice evenly and finely. Its technology allows manual speed control, so you have free choice on how much you want to finely chop the ingredients inside. The jar – or mug – of the blender contains up to 2 liters, so you can prepare smoothies, velvety and what you prefer for the whole family. The moving parts of the blender can be washed conveniently in the dishwasher.

homgeek Professional Blender 2000W

Homgeek’s appliance is a professional and very versatile kitchen blender. it can be used to make smoothies, milkshakes, juices, soups, velvets, mince ice and much more. The blender has a lid in two layers, a larger one and a smaller one that allows you to add food through it, even during processing. Inside the mug it has 8 stainless steel blades and a robust motor capable of chopping even the toughest ingredients. The capacity of the jar is 2 liters and some parts are dishwasher safe.

Kenwood BLP300WH Blend-X-Compact Blender

More compact than the models just presented is this Kenwood blender: practical and easy to handle, it is made of white compact plastic with gray finishes. The blades are made of detachable stainless steel for better cleaning (also in the dishwasher). It has a practical knob that allows you to select 2 processing speeds (also the Pulse function). The mixing bowl is made of plastic and has a maximum capacity of 1.6 liters.

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