Spaghetti, linguine, tagliatelle, penne, farfalle, fusilli, rigatoni … how many other types of pasta can still come to your mind? Dozens and dozens! Italian cuisine is very rich in recipes with pasta as the main ingredient, but the classic pot of boiling and salted water is certainly not the only way to cook it: find out with me what alternative cooking methods exist and what their characteristics are!


The risotto pasta owes its name to its preparation, in all respects similar to that of risotto: put all the ingredients in a large pan – after preparing the sauté if necessary – and the raw pasta, it is cooked adding everything gradually boiling water or cooking liquid (e.g. tomato water) and stirring, just as you do to get a nice creamy risotto. Obviously, you can also cook the risotto pasta on the gas hob, but using an induction hob will reduce the risk of it sticking to the bottom of the pan and allow you to obtain an excellent and uniform result. This type of preparation lengthens cooking times but the ingredients bind better to the pasta thanks to the presence of starch, which is kept in the pan. To conclude, this method can be applied to many recipes: from a simple variant of pasta with tomato sauce to first courses of vegetables, fish, or creamy cheeses!


One-pot pasta is a type of preparation that is also spreading in Italy: literally “one-pot” means in a single pot; it is a matter of cooking both the pasta and the ingredients for the chosen recipe in the same container. Unlike the risotto pasta, for the one-pan pasta, the water is at room temperature and is immediately added together with all the other ingredients, to then start cooking. It is a quick and fast way to obtain a creamy pasta with well-blended flavors, halving the cooking times, therefore, even if many will turn up their noses, why not experiment? This method of cooking of American origin made me very curious, also because both James Oliver and Martha Stewart have whole cookbooks dedicated to one-pot pasta … impossible not to investigate! Finally, did you know that some Italian brands offer the “no-boil” version of the classic Italian pasta formats abroad, designed specifically for one-pan cooking?

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Many people, regarding recipes that include frying, I wonder how to replace frying with the oven. In this article, I will answer the question, but it is good to make some premises!


Frying is cooked by immersion in oil brought to a certain temperature. You can use the various types of oil but, for frying, in general we prefer that of peanuts because it has a higher smoke point … therefore it burns more difficult if the temperature is wrong. In my tutorial on how to get a perfect potato chip, I’m talking about the topic extensively!

Cooking in the oven can be done dry or not, or by seasoning a second recipe more or less abundantly. It is completely different cooking, as specified by the heat and not by another element: the oil, in case of frying.

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Both times my son has been to America I have tasted an infinite amount … and not just for breakfast. Wholemeal, salty, with maple syrup, caramel, ice cream, fruit, melted chocolate, spices, vegetables, bechamel: I could really make a long list and go on from here all eternity because with their imagination it is never enough. Very easy to prepare, ready in a matter of minutes, and able to fall in love with anyone: here’s how to prepare American pancakes!

After numerous searches on American sites and several tests of softness (fundamental characteristic) they arrived and integrated into my recipe, which you find below. In the United States pancakes are eaten everywhere but are a mainstay of breakfasts and brunches. Now that even in Italy these late breakfasts that replace lunch are very fashionable, I recommend you try it and, of course, to drown them in maple syrup or, if you really have to take a break from tradition, in a chocolate ganache.

PREPARATION: 30 min. COOKING: 30 min. DIFFICULTY “: low COST: cheap
flour 00 150 g
medium eggs 2 (at room temperature)
butter 30 g + 10 g for the pan
milk 200 g
chemical yeast powder 6 g
caster sugar 20 g
salt 1 pinch

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Blender, the 3 best models for smoothies full of health

We recommend having a margarita machine, but still, this article is about describing some of the best blenders. Enjoy…

If you are looking for a kitchen blender then this article is the one for you: here are the 3 best models on sale

The blender allows you to prepare delicious and healthy smoothies, fruit or vegetables, in no time. And since it is a small appliance it can easily find space in the kitchen.

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Meat utensils

Just as it is impossible to cook a perfect soft-boiled egg without a timer, you also need indispensable tools to prepare the meat that will make your recipes perfect. Dozens of meat utensils exist, but we will start with those that are really necessary for the kitchen and that will make even the most complex preparation more agile.

Among the meat utensils there are kitchen accessories that are also used for other preparations:

cutting boards: they are very important for cutting both cooked and before cooking meat. Choose plastic or silicone cutting boards that can also go to the dishwasher after use. If you prefer wooden cutting boards, remember to clean them carefully following all these indications;

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Tools That Will Make Cooking Process Easy and Enjoyable

There is no arguing that cooking is an interesting process when a person can express creativity and imagination. Nevertheless, there are certain aspects of cooking connected with technical tasks that are not so exciting. Luckily, nowadays there are hundreds of devices and tools that will make cooking quicker and easier. 

1.  Blender

As we all know, before starting with the creative part of cooking, there are a lot of preparations. A person needs to chop up the vegetables or mix the ingredients. That can not only be boring but also time-consuming. Fortunately, the blender is here to save the day. It is a versatile tool that can be used to chop up the carrot or mash the potatoes. Moreover, blenders are perfect to make smoothies and different drinks that are so popular today. 

2.  Electric Grill

Another device that will be very useful in the kitchen is an electric grill. If you live in a flat and there is no chance to use a real barbeque set, an electric grill is a perfect option. It will make the cooking process of different kinds of food a dream. It can be used to cook meat, fish, and vegetables. Besides, it gives a person more mobility and freedom: there is no need to stand near the pan and control everything. Modern grills have times that will notify you when the dish is ready. Another advantage is time: cooking using grill will save a lot of time as a product will be fried from two sides simultaneously. 

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Ten Most Useful Kitchen Appliances

There is no surprise that many people consider the kitchen to be the heart of the house or flat as it creates an atmosphere for the whole place. Nevertheless, one of the main things that are important when it comes to making a kitchen is being useful and convenient for the owner. That is why in this article we prepared a list of things that are a must.

1.  Stove Hood

In the modern kitchen, it is a necessary tool for many reasons. Firstly, it will save you from different smells that come from food. Moreover, stove hoods usually have additional lights that can be very convenient at night. 

2.  Smart Kettle

Smart Kettle will allow you to control it from your phone. For example, you can turn it on without leaving the bedroom. Very cool!

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Five Kitchen Devices That Can Be Controlled Using Smartphone

It has become very clear in the last ten years that the future will not exist without progress and new technologies in all aspects of our life. Cooking is not an exception. There are hundreds of devices for the kitchen today on the market that make our lives easier. Moreover, nowadays some gadgets can be controlled using a smartphone. It means that a person can control the cooking process without the need of doing it physically. 

1.  Smart Kettle

This device has become very popular in the last few years. Why? Because it allows a person to set up the kettle using a smartphone. For example, you can turn it on without leaving your bed in the morning which is quite convenient. You can also control the temperature if needed.

2.  Electric Grill

An electric grill is not a new device. It has been widely used all around the world for the last 20 years. However, smart grills that can be controlled from the phone is relatively new. For example, a person can set up the grill, put the food there and go do other things. Using the smartphone, it is always possible to check the time left and other necessary details.

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The Main Advantages that Make Smart Kettle So Attractive

New automatic devices and tools for the kitchen are getting invented every day. Making a smart kitchen has become a popular choice for a lot of people all around the world. The smart kettle is not a surprise anymore: people use it as an ordinary tool now. If you have any doubts about buying a smart pot, be sure to check out our list with main reasons to substitute your regular kettle with smart one:

1.  It can be controlled from the phone

The main and the most obvious reason to use smart kettle is the ability to control it from the smartphone. It saves time: you can still be in bed, but the water for your coffee or tea will already be heated. Moreover, you can set it up in advance and the device will turn on automatically while you are still asleep. No doubt that it will save time and make the process easier. With a busy schedule, the smart kettle will be a savior.

2.  Temperature control

Smart kettles also make it possible to control the temperature of the water using the app on the phone. Moreover, the temperature will be measured precisely which is quite convenient. The kettle can also maintain the set temperature for a long period if necessary. Some minor features are also cool: the app will give you advice on the temperature that is needed for a certain drink such as coffee or tea.

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Best Vegetable Slicing Tools That Will Make Cooking Easier

Cooking is an interesting and exciting process that can be a lot of fun. However, some aspects of it are not so enjoyable. Chopping and slicing vegetables and fruits is one of them. Luckily, we live in a modern world where pretty much everything can be done by a machine or device. In this article, we reviewed the best vegetable slicing tools that will save your time and nerves. 

First of all, it is important to realize that despite a crazy amount of options on the market, there are two main types of vegetable slicers: mechanic and electric. That is why we will consider the main advantages that both of them can offer.

1.  Mechanical Vegetable and Fruit Slicers

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